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By Steven Dustcircle ~

On the way to the gym, I drive by this house that has a weird display.

For years, this rickety, little house has a weathering paint job, rusty vintage vehicles, and a roughly constructed wooden cross shoved into a hole in the ground. Across the crossbeam are crudely-painted, blue capital letters reading, VOTE BIBLE.

Perhaps—like myself—you've already mentally pictured the type of person that would do this. You've drawn him or her, or a couple and their kids, in your head. Like me, maybe you've put together their theology or how they would debate you considering religious matters. Maybe you've put together their voting patterns and maybe what kind of work they do, or what kind of health they are in.

I mean, really, what kind of person puts a homemade Etsy reject in the front of their property, to face a fairly busy street of traffic for everyone to see.


What does that even mean? Any theologian—and layman—would tell you that the Bible has varying degrees of different views and stances. This isn't only because of the mistakes and inconsistencies, but also because the Bible cover to cover isn't constructed as a guide for behavior (or how to vote!).

Most of the Bible is a collection of stories set in a supposed historical context. While some of the book is a collection of poetry, genealogies and letters, most of it is about people in one part of the world (in a period of 4000 years) behaving badly, claiming to be People of God. Within the Bible are sadly many instances of murder, incest, rape, child abuse, plural marriage, drunkenness and more. These tales, true or not, are passed off as how the forefathers of Judaism and eventually Christianity acted in history. Yes, the People of God.

What does that mean, to VOTE BIBLE?So, let's get back to that painted cross in my city. What does that mean, to VOTE BIBLE?

Vote for murder? Vote for child rape? Vote for slavery? Vote for pillaging foreigners' lands?

I doubt that this is the intent of the crafters at this particular residence. They probably mean to vote for “morality.” Vote for convictions. Vote for whichever candidate that claims to be the more robust Christian.

I assume that this is what they mean, but I am still quite embarrassed for them.

While I kind of see where they are coming from, the ignorance that they are displaying for the whole city to read is rather numbing. To try and show off how spiritual they are—how godly they are—they are instead making themselves look foolish.

Sure they think they might look like a beacon of light to those who don't know any better, but for those of us who have read and studied the actual Bible cover to cover—over long periods of time (and with other scholars)—they are showing nothing in boldness but their bare asses.