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By Teal ~

Thanks to the Ex-Christian subscribers for all your kind and wise comments on my story a few months ago--this will sound silly, but I've been trying (without success) all this time to access the website using four different browsers, but could never get through--even my mobile browser wasn't allowed to go to comments. The only way I could actually read your comments on the site was to go to a public library--now not convenient to where I'm living.

gratitude: january 16, 2008
gratitude: january 16, 2008 (Photo credit: rversde23)
Made me sad--I didn't want any of you to think I hadn't appreciated your words, or was ignoring your outreach, because you were all so helpful, and I was so touched.

So I'm submitting this to the Ex-Christian web people in the hopes they'll post it for me as a follow-up story in a place you'll see and recognize from its headline and content. I'd love to be able to continue communicating.

Reading your words was amazing: all of you were each unique people, but with a similar background: a dark and damaging Christian Fundamentalist upbringing--the one that still controls my friend, who four years ago forebade me to ever contact her again, because I seemingly wasn't good enough as a "non-believer."

That broke my heart, and still does, but all of your perspectives--each unique to your own struggles with the dark Demon, hit home, and enabled me to start understanding from the inside what you know from painful experience--I could never have understood that well on my own rather pagan perspective.

I felt a lot of love coming from you, too, and if I can ever figure out how to get my home computer system to use the website properly, I would like to continue participating in the online discussions--not just about me and my friend--seemingly lost to me forever--but among everyone who has been a victim of this ideology and has had the strength and wisdom to escape.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Where my "friends" failed to understand (and even blame me for), you immediately "got it" and helped me endure with understanding. As you handed me truths, perhaps somehow I can transmit these truths to my friend through that hidden dimension that not even husbands, or pastors, or Christianity can blockade.

More, you've helped me continue my own spiritual (in the true sense of the word) growth toward the greater human psychical domain.

(Have you ever thought of this Christianity as "ALL ANTI?"--not only not-spiritual, but "anti-spiritual;" not only not-loving, but "anti-loving" not only not-like-Christ," but "anti-Christ."

Be well, and feel my gratitude for your open-hearted generosity toward one still mourns her human loss.

Most sincerely, Teal