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Questioning: The Sincere Search

By sincere seeker ~

I have read with great interest many postings here from ex-Christians and i am very impressed by what I read by sincere posters both Christians and ex-Christians alike.

I struggle with my faith and doubt but always seem to come back to the Truth of Christ as I understand Him and other very sound books that support the Faith.

I have talked to atheists that know the bible very well and in some cases even better than most Christians. I guess I don't understand how 2 people can read the same book and arrive at 2 wildly different conclusions.

I also don't understand how well meaning truly sincere non arrogant non prideful Christians who truly seek the truth with all their heart leave the faith.

I get that there are horrible Christians and in many cases atheists act more Christlike than Christians...but for me, after reading the bible many hundreds of times and reading what Christ had to say about this world and our human nature, He seems pretty much correct.

This is not to negate discoveries in science at all ...or even to initiate any argumentation about the compatibility of science and God. I just would like to hear from both Christians and ex-Christians how you arrive at your truth of Christianity or non Christianity.

Having been on my own death bed three times....this issue is very important to me and one I greatly struggle with.

I have been very heartened to read many beautiful accounts that struggle with Christianity and the people who left and I can tell they are truly sincere and sought a relationship with Christ.

I am very well read on many occult and religious topics so I am no novice , however I do have a sincere heart at wanting to know the truth. The TRUTH.

I acknowledge my own sinful struggles, doubts and discouragement with Christianity but have a hard time throwing it all away because of people who have left the faith.

I have not read any better religious words that can compare with Christ. It is sad to read so much vitriolic comments on here and I only post this for asking advice that is sincere and heartfelt...and I ask advice from BOTH sides. I respect everyone's comments. Please kind and compassionate in your expressions.

I am NOT trying to convert any one here...I am on my own search and just would like to end the search.

I get the whole faith, grace and sin thing entirely. Trust me.

I especially would like to hear from ex-pastors who really know the bible and had a fervor for Christ and WHY theyleft. This has always bothered me. so many pastors stay, leave out of frustration, fall away, are not loved by congregation or wife or just decide it is not true anymore. Thank you for reading . from a born again questioning doubting believer, if that makes sense.

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The ExChristian.Net blog exists for the express purpose of encouraging those who have decided to leave Christianity behind. It is not an open challenge for Christians to avenge what they perceive as an offense against their religious beliefs. Please read the site disclaimer prior to posting comments.

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