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Nineteen Eighty-Four; Big Brother and Jehovah

sent in by Deamond

I've been reading the book Nineteen eighty-Four by George Orwell. (it's interesting to read a sci-fi novel about a Distopian future that happened when I was three years old.) I think in many ways the book could be seen as an Atheistic allegory.

Big Brother's face exists everywhere. He sees all, he knows all, he can almost read minds, he is all-powerful, his enemies are tortured and are then erased ("vaporised" is the word used in the book) from all existence including past existence. They never existed. Big Brother can even change the past. And does, all the time.

Yet, most likely, Big brother himself probably doesn't exist, I think he's probably just a cartoon character, like Uncle Sam, used to represent the Inner Party.

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Heretic Heart

sent in by Bill Baker

I remember that glorious day! Enshrouded by nothing but darkness, shoved about by powerful forces unseen! I lifted my head from the blackness towards the blinding light; gasping for air, i tried to cry. Suddenly,as from nowhere a firm,but gentle,huge hand connected with me. With that I uttered "waahhh, waahhh"!!!

No, that was not my Christian rebirth story. That was the story of the day I was born. Actually, I don't remember the day I was born; I hardly remember this morning! However, it seemed like a humorous intro.

So, four score and seven years,I mean 25 years ago, I was brought forth into this shithole of brainwashing.

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The lies the Catholic church fed me

sent in by Laura

I was born in a strict Catholic family and to a father that still attends church regularly and a mother that is atheist. So of coarse they HAD to have me baptized to clean off the original sin so I wouldn't burn in hell!

My brother and I had to go to Sunday school weekly and when I was eight I made my First Communion. I was fed the typical lies that the church teaches you like that Eve was born from Adam's rib or Jesus rose from his grave after being dead for 3 days.

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Abstinence is the only true perversion

sent in by Bill

I tried to tell my story, but it was taking way too long, and being a nihilist, I simply don't care enough to write that long. I do,however, care enough to rant for a minute or two.

I was born a Christian.

I was a sheep until the age of 22.

I started to think, (the process of obtaining a graduate degree helped.)

I started to question religion and found way too many contradictions as well as violence, obscenity, and just plain bullshit, that held little to no value for modern life.

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Where the rollercoaster ends

sent in by Charles

There was a time when I wasn’t sure of what I believed or who I was, that time is now over. The twisting ride has ended and has taught me a few things about the church and people, which I want to share with you.

Many of the world’s problems are wrapped in ignorance and a hunger for power and control. At every turn and corner of the world, people are suppressed and manipulated. Although not applying to all men, it is the common thread throughout this world that needs mentioning.

Bias is everywhere and bondage is just another sermon sold in many folds of religious propaganda. Well meaning tyrants smile and seek your love while they promise security and hope, felling to deliver either, whether being sincerely wrong or having that knowledge and purpose for that very end. We receive neither love, nor hope, but a loss of freedom to think for our selves and a fear to live apart from our spiritual aggressors or government.

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Trust in God and it will work itself out

By Caroline Singer

This is a story of how I am finally able to shed the last of the xian brainwashing that was inflicted on me as a child. It's long, it rambles, and it's almost 3000 words. But it helps me to write it, and I hope that some of you will have the patience to read it. Any words of encouragement from a fellow nonbeliever will be welcome.

From as far back as I can remember, I was taken to sunday school and then church by my mother. My mother was not especially religious herself -- I think she brought me there because it was the "right" thing to do and to give me something of a social life. My church was Northern Baptist, more or less the same vanilla Xian of all the other Protestant churches around -- the Methodists, the Congregationalists, and so on. Our town was maybe 3/4 Protestant and 1/4 Catholic. As far as I knew, my church was "Protestantism Lite." The emphasis was on living a good life. The mystical stuff was there, but I don't …


(found on

10 - You vigorously deny the existence of thousands of
gods claimed by other religions, but feel outraged when
someone denies the existence of yours.

9 - You feel insulted and "dehumanized" when scientists
say that people evolved from other life forms, but you
have no problem with the Biblical claim that we were
created from dirt.

8 - You laugh at polytheists, but you have no problem
believing in a Triune God.

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Lee Strobel IS the GOSPEL!!!

I am tired of hearing Lee Strobel's book touted as the absolute final Christian apologetic word on logically "PROVING" the validity of the Christian religion.

When will Christians figure out that apologetic works like this are not aimed at the unconverted but are written with the intention of assuaging the doubts of the "true believer?" It is the "true believers" who buy and read nearly all apologetic literary attempts. They are written by and for people who want to believe, but are fighting with "doubts" otherwise known as having a brain.

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Story of De-Conversion

sent in by Alan Koch

I’ve been putting this testimony – or rather “de” testimony off for sometime now. Ever since first coming across this site and dwelling into the numerous stories of de-conversion, I have pondered whether I would share my own. Keep it to myself, or share it? I do sincerely believe that this is a matter I should share as to get it off my chest. And also, for the additional purpose of motivating any others who are or would desire a break from Christianity.

I do suppose it started in late summer 2000 – the summer after my sophomore year and before my junior. Perhaps I was chosen by God (highly unlikely), but for some reason I became interested in the Christian faith. I believed that Jesus Christ was the son of God; that He died for the sins of mankind; that He was resurrected from the dead; that He was born of a virgin birth; and finally, that I needed to call Him into my heart so I could be forgiven, and be able to go to heaven.

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Tired of Feeling Guilty

sent in by Eddie

Hello fellow freethinkers:

My story starts when I first attended a church in San Dimas in 2000. Liked the group, the singing, the atmosphere. But I always afraid I wouldn't "fit in". The people at the San Dimas church has been kind and friendly (not pushy) to me. My troubles began when I joined a youth group at a make-shift church in Pomona.

Why did I want to go through this? I thought a deity (God) would enrich and enlighten me. Maybe it is the lure of instant gratification after seeing people (supposedly) have problem-free lives because of Jesus. After all, the Bible told stories how people were magically cured by Jesus. I was looking for the magic. At this point I already beat a bout of depression and I was tired of thinking that God was just an angry one.

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Still Struggling

So for a while now I’ve been struggling with my faith. The best way that I know how to describe it is that I don’t know where exactly to place it in. I’ve done one of these testimonies before and in it I’ve mentioned how I do believe in God and I do believe that everything is possible through him and such, but lately I cant help but feel like God has abandoned me in so many ways (when in my heart of hearts I know that I’m the one that abandoned him). I just really hate the state of my life right now, I feel this longing inside me and this feeling of emptiness. This void that has become so obvious since Elizabeth has broken up with me (which I mentioned in my last testimony). She has told me before that in some ways maybe I tried to fill a void that was already there with her, and maybe she’s right, I really don’t know. These past couple of months I’ve felt so lonely and so………I don’t even know whats the right word for it.

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God Hates You!

sent in by Brett Keane

The first time I questioned the faith was when my grandmother shrivaled up in front of me for 6 month’s due to cancer. I was 13 & my mother & father was getting a divorce. My father told me i should have been aborted. I prayed to God but nothing fails like prayers. I continued going to church mostly because i felt i could help people with food. My desire was to help people in need. I was put out of a church because i argued with the preacher about giving food to a woman with 5 kids.

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Encouraging de-converting and former Christians

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